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Automotive Audio Thursday 15

    Thursday 15 – 2:00pm – 3:00pm EDT

    One 50 Minute Session followed by Q&A

    Title: Testing Voice-Controlled & Smartphone Integrated Infotainment Systems 

    Presenter: Steve F. Temme, Listen, Inc – Boston, MA USA

    Automotive Audio Wednesday 14

      Developing high performance audio
      systems for vehicles requires
      integration of numerous complex
      electro-acoustic and electronic
      components. Once the system is
      defined and production begins,
      component and vehicle production variance
      can alter the expected performance. This
      presentation will first review the current vehicle
      audio system development and documentation
      practices. This will include system
      benchmarking, system level target setting,
      component level design, the contributions from
      the vehicle interior on audio quality, and
      system level tuning approach. The second
      part will be proposal for system level
      specifications based on a reference system. A
      procedure is introduced to address validation
      methods and diagnostic procedures by
      analysis of complex system data metrics. A
      process for calibrating production vehicle
      audio systems to match a reference system is