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Product Development Symposium

Supply Chain and Sourcing


Thursday 15 – 10:00am – 12:00pm EDT

Two 50 Minute Sessions followed by Q&A 

Session 1 10:00am

Title: Exploring and Expanding Options for Audio Sourcing

Presenter: Mike Klasco, Menlo Scientific, Richmond, CA USA

Invited Guests: Tony Tran, Project Manager, Sound Corp (Vietnam) and Mark Thomsen, Sales Manager, SB Acoustics (Indonesia)

Session 2 11:00am

Title: Understanding Your Supply Chain – A Global Perspective

Presenter: Dave Lindberg, DB Enterprises, Hong Kong 

Invited Guests: Nick Huffman, Owner, Clarasonic, Thailand and Larry Fishman, President/CEO at Fishman Transducers, Boston MA USA 



Session 1 – Exploring and Expanding Options for Audio Sourcing 

In this session, Mike Klasco, CEO, Menlo Scientific and APEI’s chair of its Supply Chain and Sourcing education pillar, will discuss the rising cost of goods from China, the tariff wars, Hong Kong’s struggles, and the dynamics of the global pandemic that have catalyzed the emergence of alternative Asian vendors to Chinese suppliers. Methods, practices, economics and politics of the hardware, software and development services that go into every audio product produced, will also be topics explored. 

Executives from manufacturers SB Acoustics (Indonesia) and SoundCorp (Vietnam) will discuss their perspectives as suppliers and the advantages their factory and geographical location offers.

Session 2 Understanding Your Supply Chain – A Global Perspective 

In this session, Dave Lindberg of DB Enterprises will discuss his real world experience working with brands from all over the world and Asian suppliers in the development of the most sought-after product categories. During his presentation he will interview OEM/ODM factory leadership on how they qualify new customers and manage their product development opportunity costs. 

Within this session, executives from OEM and ODM vendors and suppliers will share their experience and perspectives on what audio manufacturers can look for and the advantages their factory and geographical location offers.

Mike Klasco

Menlo Scientific, Richmond, CA USA

Mike Klasco is the president of Menlo Scientific, a consulting firm for the loudspeaker industry, located in Richmond, CA. He is a graduate from New York University, with post graduate work in signal processing, and he holds multiple patents licensed or assigned. For the past 35 years, Mike has worked on countless R&D projects for large and small companies. Mike specializes in materials and fabrication techniques to enhance audio performance. 

Tony Tran

Sound Corp (Vietnam)

An established manufacturer, founded in 1999 and based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Sound Corp is a leading OEM/ODM manufacturer specializing in the audio industry. The factory is able to handle complete speaker production for multiple applications, as well as amplifiers, electronics, and PCB assembly.

Mark Thomsen

SB Acoustics (Indonesia)

SB Acoustics (Sinar Baja Electric) is a vertically organized
one-stop shop with more than 35 years of transducer manufacturing experience, also marrying the design talents of Danesian Audio (Denmark). Facilities range from speaker assembly lines, voice coil production, woodworking, cone paper production, and many more.

Dave Lindberg

DB Enterprises, Hong Kong

Dave Lindberg is the CEO of DB Enterprises in Hong Kong, and an experienced professional in business and project management, working with brands and technology suppliers in Asia. 

Larry Fishman

Fishman Transducers (USA)

After 40 years of manufacturing pickups for acoustic guitars, Fishman has expanded from the Boston area to manufacturing globally while protecting IP through collaborative business approach. 

Nick Huffman

Clarasonic (Thailand)

Clarasonic is the world leader of inner core composite material solutions. Located in Thailand at a factory owned facility, Clarasonic’s operation is capable of slicing raw materials & thermal forming into parts. For the past +15 years, Clarasonic has supported the audio industry with multi-layer composite cone & flat panels. Founded in 2004 by Nick Huffman – former R&D Audio Engineer for Packard Bell and NEC computer divisions, Clarasonic is a pioneer of multi-layer composite solutions. 

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