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Product Development Symposium

Supply Chain and Sourcing


Friday 16 – 1:30pm – 2:30pm EDT

One 50 Minute Session followed by Q&A

Title: Reinventing Speaker Manufacturing in the U.S.

Presenter: Dan Digre, President of MISCO Speakers, Minneapolis, MN USA 


In this presentation, Dan Digre will address the perspective of manufacturing audio products in the US, sharing details about his own group of companies and how they manage supply chain and sourcing, domestically and internationally. 

MISCO is the oldest OEM speaker manufacturer in the US. Founded in 1949, the company has resisted the trend to move its driver manufacturing off-shore. Instead it has undergone several cycles of adaptation and reinvestment to become the vibrant, audio solutions provider it is today offering not just manufacturing but a wide range of services. MISCO President, Dan Digre, will present a bit about the company history, its brands, capabilities and what it looks for in a customer.

During his presentation, Dan Digre will be joined by executives from Eminence, another stalwart of American speaker manufacturing. A company founded in 1966, Eminence is now of the world’s largest loudspeaker manufacturing companies with operations in Eminence, Kentucky (headquarters) and Eminence Dongguan, China factory as an integral part of the company’s effort top address the global markets. 

Chris Rose, President/COO, and Jerry McNutt, Product Design Manager, Eminence Speaker LLC, will detail how manufacturers in these industries live in a world of global manufacturing and marketing, and how they deal with logistical challenges. 

Dan Digre

President of MISCO Speakers, Minneapolis, MN USA

Dan Digre is the President of MISCO Speakers, Oaktron Aerospace, and Warkwyn Labs, from Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul. MISCO, a proud Minneapolis Speaker Company is an OEM manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio systems for a variety of professional and commercial markets including aircraft, medical, gaming, alarms, home audio, car audio and pro audio. Warkwyn is an acoustic R&D company that designs and tests loudspeaker drivers and loudspeaker systems for the professional and consumer marketplaces. We operate the most sophisticated independent acoustic measurement lab in North America and offer Klippel analysis for transducers and systems developed in-house and elsewhere. Warkwyn is also the North American Sales Agent for Klippel equipment and support. 

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