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Product Development Symposium

Product Management


Wednesday 14 – 10:00am – 12:00pm EDT

Two 50 Minute Sessions followed by Q&A

Session 1 10:00am

Title: Product Management: What It Is And Why You Can’t Live Without It 

Presenter: JJ Rorie, Sequent Learning Networks. New York, NY, USA

Session 2 – 11:00am

Title: Product Management Modeling 

Presenter: Scott Leslie, PD Squared – Irvine, CA USA 


Session 1 Product Management: What It Is And Why You Can’t Live Without It 

Product Management is the business management of products and portfolios, holistically, for maximum value creation, across their life cycles. Product Management is a dynamic system that depends on the work of various people and many interconnected processes across the lives of many products and portfolios. As business complexity grows, product managers must be strategic thinkers, with an entrepreneurial mindset who are able to influence and lead multiple stakeholders to drive product success.

In this workshop you will learn: Definition and Overview of Product Management How Product Management Fits In The Organization The Value of Product Management The Product Manager Role – What It Is and What It Is Not.

Session 2 – Product Management Modeling 

Product Management has advanced to become arguably the most important element of Product Development. Being able to research, develop, and present the product definition before design begins leads to more successful products that come to market in less time. Modeling the different dimensions of a proposed product brings a much higher level of understanding and confidence in making key decisions.

In this workshop you will learn how to model in detail the following dimensions:

1) Pricing

2) Market Share

3) Financial Pro Formas

4) Forecasting integrating existing, overlapping and complimentary products

5) Product performance and specifications

6) Product costing and analysis

7) Project planning, costing, and resourcing

8) High Level Summary of all underlying models

This workshop is targeted to current and future product managers, engineering managers, development engineers, manufacturing engineers, and supply chain people. All of these roles can add value to the product management function by participating in the modeling process. 

JJ Rorie

Vice President Sequent Learning Networks. New York, NY, USA

JJ Rorie is a thought-leader and practitioner who has spent her career helping companies optimize their product management and marketing functions. Prior to joining Sequent Learning Networks as Vice President, JJ spent 18 years in various leadership roles in various industries for companies such as First Data, T-Mobile, and American Hospital Association. JJ is also a serial entrepreneur, co-founding a healthcare technology company as well as a product development and talent management consultancy. 

Scott Leslie

PD Squared - Irvine, CA USA

Scott Leslie is the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Product Development Chair, and Audio Product Education Institute (APEI) Managing Director. He is chief architect and strategist at PD Squared, a consultancy business focused on improving and redefining product development for the audio industry. PD Squared stands for “Process Development of Product Development Organizations”. Scott’s career includes multiple sales, engineering and product management positions with companies such as Altec Lansing, JBL Professional (Harman), Renkus-Heinz, Tektronix, or Sun Microsystems. In 2011, Scott founded Evidant Corporation, a a company specializing in Process Analytics and Business Intelligence that he now also leads as Chief Architect. Scott holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, a Masters (MSEE) in Audio and Acoustics from Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MBA in Operations Research and Statistics, from the University of California, Irvine – The Paul Merage School of Business.

Sequent Learning Networks is a global product management training and advisory services firm.
Product and business leaders have turned to Sequent Learning Networks for almost two decades to guide them in what’s needed to improve their product organizations and to fine-tune the skills of their product manager talent pool. We provide product management assessments, a targeted training curriculum, and advisory services for product management leaders and product teams.
Sequent Learning Networks also provides a robust online and virtual training program. This creates the ideal platform for product managers and leaders to establish the in-demand product management skills that they need to succeed.  

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