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Product Development Symposium

Modeling and Measurement


Thursday 15 – 12:30pm — 1:30pm EDT

One 50 Minute Session followed by Q&A

Title: Audio Test and Measurement Tips and Tricks – What You Won’t Find in a Book

Presenter: Dan Foley, Audio Precision, Leicester, Massachusetts USA 


To develop an accurate model of a product or device, test and measurement is crucial. In many cases, test results are required to verify assumptions used when creating a model. If these results are questionable, the corresponding model(s) are suspect. This session will cover key aspects of audio testing that often impact the quality of test results. Topics will include measurement microphone selection, instrumentation and product grounding techniques, choice of test signals, AC power sources, and avoiding electrical/EMI interference. 

Dan Foley

Audio Precision, Leicester, Massachusetts USA

Dan Foley has 40+ years of audio test and measurement expertise. His background is sales/applications engineering and he has authored several technical articles and AES Convention papers. Dan is currently with Audio Precision and has worked for Brüel & Kjær, Listen, Inc., and Bose Corporation. He is an expert in the field of acoustics and works on standards committees including the IEEE and the AES. 

COMSOL develops mathematical modeling software that drives new breakthroughs in physics and engineering. The company’s flagship product, COMSOL Multiphysics, is used in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research for modeling multiphysics systems. Developers and designers use the software to understand, predict, innovate, and optimize product designs and processes. COMSOL offers multiphysics modeling, simulation, and application design and deployment software. For the audio industry, COMSOL offers its COMSOL Acoustics module, which features advanced acoustics analysis tools. Svante Littmarck and Farhad Saeidi founded COMSOL AB in 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, the company has grown into a group of subsidiaries spread around the world. Today, Svante Littmarck is the CEO of the COMSOL Group and the president and CEO of COMSOL, Inc. Farhad Saeidi is the president of COMSOL AB.

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