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Education Pillars

AES’s APEI roadmap focuses on seven educational pillars:

Voice and DSP

The development of voice-enabled products including smart speakers, automotive systems, smartphones, appliances, and others. Voice recognition technologies and its applications. Audio signal processing.

Supply Chain and Sourcing

The methods, practices, and economics of the hardware, software and development services that go into every audio product produced. Getting to know the complete production chain.

Modeling and Measurement

Modeling and simulation methods and software, measurement practices and equipment are essential elements in development, improving differentiating features, and regulatory conformance. How to implement these disciplines in audio product development.

Product Management

Arguably the most important function in the product world today, yet rarely practiced at the level needed for achieving a high level of market success. APEI plans to bring the world’s experts in product management to the world of audio.

Automotive Audio

With the automotive industry's transition to electric engines, vehicles are also evolving into technology-driven, connected and eventually autonomous systems. The sound of the car itself is evolving, drivers and passengers demand always more from in-vehicle infotainment systems, while car audio evolves as fully personalized playback systems.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The future of how products will function. The amount of research and implementation of this science is remarkable in many areas. Audio products will benefit from these technologies and best practices greatly. Everyone involved in the product development life cycle should have some range of knowledge in this area to help shape the future of their products.

Business Management

Taking Care of Business. Funding Your Business. Angel investors. Crowdfunding. All you need to know about attracting, finding and accepting investment. How to evolve from a product idea into a startup and into an actual business. The issues with your IP, licensing, and strategic partnerships.