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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Edge of Today and Tomorrow - The Vision of the AIoT

August 18, 2021
9:00 AM Pacific (12:00 PM Eastern)


The Audio Product Education Institute (APEI) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) education pillar continues to explore the practical approach and development for smart audio product designs in multiple market segments. This AI and ML series of webinars intends to provide an introduction to the product development process, and explore the tools and technologies for designing and integrating AI & ML into products.
For this session, pillar chair Steven Willenborg, invited XMOS, a leading provider of audio and digital signal processing platforms powering numerous consumer and professional audio solutions, currently focused on embedded intelligence for edge-AI applications. With its processors, XMOS is powering the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), bringing AI, DSP, control and I/O together in a single device.
The AIoT is in its nascent stages — but, according to Gartner, the market for it has huge potential, promising to be worth $3 trillion by 2025. This APEI webinar will explore the opportunities, examine potential applications, discuss the market and technical barriers, and introduce technical solutions that could be used to realize the vision of the AIoT within the audio space. 
One of the most sought after application segments is audio and voice. In this presentation, Aneet Chopra, Vice President of Product Marketing and Business Development at XMOS, explores deeper on how voice is trending and what solutions on the edge would break the “intelligence on edge” barrier vs traditional approaches of cloud based solutions. The online session will showcase how XMOS is looking to provide voice solutions to address some of those challenges.

About XMOS

In 2005, a small team from the University of Bristol assembled to create a fast and flexible microcontroller launched a new series of processors with unprecedented I/O capability (available through software for the first time) alongside significant DSP and control processing – establishing XMOS as a name in the audio sector. The company’s xCore-Audio processors currently power many of the leading consumer audio, prosumer and professional audio applications. xCore-Audio processors are complemented by XMOS USB Audio Class and networked audio solutions, audio I/O libraries, and multicore processors.
In 2017, following the acquisition of Setem Technologies, a pioneer on voice separation algorithms, XMOS introduced VocalFusion voice processors that are able to deliver sophisticated voice digital signal processing including a full duplex acoustic echo canceller (AEC) with barge-in capability that enables users to interrupt or pause a device that’s playing music, and an adaptive beamformer that follows a speaker. Additional sophisticated processing provides crystal clear voice interaction experiences even in noisy environments, in a single device.
From a leading provider of audio and digital signal processing platforms, the company’s vision fully shifted towards AI, offering edge-AI solutions for low-cost embedded systems. Voice is the most significant AI application in the market, and in 2019, XMOS introduced the highest performing far-field 2-mic voice-interface for just under a dollar. The company’s processors put intelligence, connectivity and enhanced computation at the core of smart products. Rather than rely on the cloud, XMOS believes AIoT helps solve security, connectivity and scalability challenges.
Aneet Chopra

Vice President of Product Marketing and Business Development at XMOS, San Jose, California, USA

Aneet Chopra is responsible for paving the short and long term  technology roadmap for XMOS in the space of AIoT computing on edge devices. He also leads driving partnership and discovering new usage models for emerging technologies that helps nurture the ecosystem for ambient computing. Prior to joining XMOS, Aneet worked at Intel for 15+ years including engineering and operation with his last role as GM Compute vision for AR/VR at Intel. Aneet has 20+ years of industry and global work experience, with last 10+ years dedicated to building cognitive computing platforms including Speech, Depth, compute vision and Audio. He is passionate about innovation and building products as well as mentoring startups in Silicon Valley and Asia.

Steve F. Willenborg

VP of Sales, Linkplay Technology, Campbell, California, USA

An international executive with a strong background in engineering and business development for multiple product market segments, Steve’s career spans for over 35 years, covering audio, consumer electronics and automotive. At Linkplay Technology, Steve is directly involved in supporting some of the largest corporations, cutting-edge companies and brands in the development of smart audio solutions, software/firmware development, and wireless audio, device cloud software and streaming content integration. Before Linkplay, Steve worked for NPD Development (Shenzhen, China), Scan Speak (Denmark) and Premier Sound Group (Shenzhen, China), all business units of Eastech Holding, managing global auto OEM product development, and operation teams located in China, Denmark, Singapore and the USA. Previously he worked with Materion Corporation, Tymphany Corporation, Zylux Acoustic, Harman International, and General Motors.