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Changes and Opportunities in
Supply Chain and Sourcing

The Changing Global Dynamics, Managing Suppliers, Planning Your Options

August 26, 2020


This was the first introductory event in APEI’s Supply Chain and Sourcing education pillar. In this webinar, Mike Klasco, CEO, Menlo Scientific and APEI’s chair of the Supply Chain and Sourcing education pillar addressed the methods, practices, economics and politics of the hardware, software and development services that go into every audio product produced. “Long established relationships, trustworthy suppliers that know what we want and need, are losing their position as viable vendors,” explains Klasco. “Where do we go from here?”

In this webinar, Mike Klasco was adjoined by two highly experienced guests – Dave Lindberg (CEO, DB Enterprises HK, Ltd.) and Dan Digre (President at MISCO Speakers, Oaktron Aerospace, and Warkwyn Labs, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul). Together, they discussed the key topics and challenges in the supply chain caused by the rising cost of goods from China, the tariff wars, the Hong Kong struggles, and the dynamics of the global pandemic. The emergence of new suppliers in Asia and what part of the audio business can be brought back home was also explored in detail.

The webinar introduced all key topics that will be expanded in future events of the Supply Chain and Sourcing education pillar.

Mike Klasco

CEO, Menlo Scientific, Richmond, California

Mike Klasco is the president of Menlo Scientific, a consulting firm for the loudspeaker industry, located in Richmond, CA. He is a graduate from New York University, with post graduate work in signal processing, and he holds multiple patents licensed or assigned. For the past 35 years, Mike has worked on countless R&D projects for large and small companies. Mike specializes in materials and fabrication techniques to enhance audio performance.

Dan Digre

President of MISCO Speakers, Minneapolis

Dan Digre is the President of MISCO Speakers, Oaktron Aerospace, and Warkwyn Labs, from Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul. MISCO, a proud Minneapolis Speaker Company is an OEM manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio systems for a variety of professional and commercial markets including aircraft, medical, gaming, alarms, home audio, car audio and pro audio.
Warkwyn is an acoustic R&D company that designs and tests loudspeaker drivers and loudspeaker systems for the professional and consumer marketplaces. 

Dave Lindberg

CEO of DB Enterprises, Hong Kong

Dave Lindberg is the CEO of DB Enterprises in Hong Kong, and an experienced professional in business and project management, working with brands and technology suppliers in Asia.

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