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Past Events

September 29, 2021
Dealing with Component Shortages and Supply Disruptions

    The AES Audio Product Education Institute presents a new webinar in its Supply Chain & Sourcing education pillar, addressing current component shortages, logistics challenges and manufacturing and supply disruptions. David Lindberg (DB Enterprises) and Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific) invited senior executives from Seltech International and Emporium Partners, two companies with extensive experience in supply chain services, to outline this dynamic global environment, and define mitigation strategies for the audio industry.

    September 22, 2021
    Digital Twins for Architecting & Designing Audio Devices

      The AES Audio Product Education Institute (APEI) presents a new webinar series on the practice and benefits of simulation-driven audio architecture design by use of Digital Twins. In a new series of Modeling and Measurement online events, experts from COMSOL, JJR Acoustic, Klippel and Facebook, will discuss the role of Digital Twins and how advanced experimental transducer identification can be used to influence fundamental design considerations, even before the first prototype is built to proof a concept.

      September 15, 2021
      Immersive Audio in Automobiles

        Expanding on a series of webinars to explore automotive audio design and applications, the Audio Product Education Institute (APEI) presents a session focused on Immersive Audio, exploring the different ways to translate actual immersive audio content and generate immersive experiences. To detail these topics and discuss the available technologies and solutions, Roger Shively, invited Mathias Johansson, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Dirac Research, and Andreas Ehret, Director, Automotive at Dolby.

        September 1, 2021
        Automotive Audio Supply Chain

          The Audio Product Education Institute (APEI) promotes an online event discussing the challenges in the automotive supply chain, for those companies and professionals working in automotive audio and acoustics. The event will outline the evolution and growing product development requirements for this very complex market, from the perspective of its distinct education pillars, sharing real lessons learned from suppliers and actual cases.

          August 18, 2021
          Edge of Today and Tomorrow The Vision of the AIoT

            The AES Audio Product Education Institute presents a new webinar on its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) education pillar, exploring the practical approach for smart audio product design and development – integrating AI & ML. For this August 18 event, pillar chair Steven Willenborg, invited XMOS, a company focused on embedded intelligence for edge-AI applications, now powering the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), bringing AI, DSP, control and I/O together in a single device.

            August 11, 2021
            Speakers and Microphones: Simulation and Testing

              COMSOL, the multiphysics and acoustics simulation software company, and HEAD acoustics, a leading provider of integrated acoustic measurement, analysis, and optimization solutions, join the AES Audio Product Education Institute in a webinar focusing on exploring multiphysics simulation and testing of speakers and microphones. The ability to predict and understand spatial responses of speaker and microphones is important when developing modern consumer audio products. And because feedback and echo cancellation plays an important role in these products, the webinar will also explore echo and double talk testing.

              July 28, 2021
              Production Test and Manufacturing Strategies to Build Better Audio Products

                Audio test and measurement solutions supplier Audio Precision, and Instrumental, an AI-powered discovery, analysis and real-time monitoring manufacturing solutions provider, join the AES Audio Product Education Institute in a webinar that focuses on the factory floor and the very specific production line challenges. The two companies will detail cutting-edge solutions and strategies for detecting and solving problems and inefficiencies, focusing on audio product examples. Valuable perspectives from executives with extensive experience in this field.

                July 20, 2021
                Modeling and Measurement
                of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Wearables

                  Audio consulting & engineering services company JJR Acoustics, and audio and electroacoustic test and measurement company Listen Inc, in partnership with COMSOL, join the Audio Product Education Institute in a webinar detailing the role of modeling, simulation and measurements in audio product development and the design process. Three sessions will focus on the fast-growing true wireless stereo (TWS) category, showcasing how these processes fit in the design cycle. The sessions will look at the subjective evaluation, acoustic measurement, and simulation of some typical TWS earbuds many of us use every day.

                  June 23, 2021
                  Cross Functional Design Experience Adding Value to Audio Product Development

                    The always insightful series of Audio Product Education Institute webinars focusing on Supply Chain & Sourcing provide a unique opportunity to understand the full product cycle, from vision to market. In this new online event, David Lindberg (DB Enterprises) and Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific) invite two well-established design houses to discuss their role and contributions as a critical option supporting brands in all critical stages. Phnam Bagley (Nonfiction Design), and David Waterman (Deep Blue Design) will offer two interesting perspectives and valuable insights into audio development, design and engineering.

                    June 16, 2021
                    Achieving Loudspeaker Design Goals Using Multiphysics Simulation

                      Dolby Laboratories and COMSOL join the Audio Product Education Institute in a discussion on the role of modeling and measurements in the loudspeaker design process. The webinar shares speaker design project experiences, detailing how simulation, measurements, and experiments help in meeting the requirements. The use of simulation in audio system design and multiphysics modeling of loudspeakers is also addressed.