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Product Development Symposium

Automotive Audio


Wednesday 14 – 3:00pm – 5:00pm EDT

Two 50 Minute Sessions followed by Q&A

Session 1 – 3:00pm 

Title: Modeling and Development of Loudspeaker Cabinet Materials by Enhancing the Desired Acoustic Properties

Presenter: Samira Mohamady, PhD. Acoustic Expert & Developer @ IAV GmbH, Munich Area, Germany 

Session 2 – 4:00pm 

Title: Automotive Audio System Design and Production Variation

Presenter 1: Roger Shively, JJR Acoustics, LLC – Seattle, WA USA

Presenter 2: Steve Hutt, Equity Sound Investments – Bloomington, IN USA 


Session 1  Modeling and Development of Loudspeaker Cabinet Materials by Enhancing the Desired Acoustic Properties 

This presentation focuses on the design of the loudspeaker enclosures with the least harmful impact on the acoustic properties emitted by driving units, including the external dimensions, internal structure, material selection and installation suggestions. The design of the loudspeaker enclosure would be based on the sensitivity and sound propagation rule calculated by using TS parameters and lumped model of the driver in COMSOL. Before the sensitivity and directivity of the loudspeaker are finally calculated by using the sound shell interaction and pressure acoustics formula, preliminary simulation analysis and improvement of the enclosure design are conducted by using LspCAD software. The results are evaluated and tested on a professional loudspeaker for indoor application both numerically and experimentally.

Session 2 Automotive Audio System Design and Production Variation 

Developing high performance audio systems for vehicles requires integration of numerous complex electro-acoustic and electronic components. Once the system is defined and production begins, component and vehicle production variance can alter the expected performance. This presentation will first review the current vehicle audio system development and documentation practices. This will include system benchmarking, system level target setting, component level design, the contributions from the vehicle interior on audio quality, and system level tuning approach. The second part will be proposal for system level specifications based on a reference system. A procedure is introduced to address validation methods and diagnostic procedures by analysis of complex system data metrics. A process for calibrating production vehicle audio systems to match a reference system is discussed. 

Roger Shively

JJR Acoustics, LLC - Seattle, WA USA

Roger is a Co-founder and Principal of JJR Acoustics. He has over 34 years of experience in engineering research and development, with significant experience in product realization and in launching new products at OEM manufacturers around the world. Before co-founding JJR Acoustics in 2011, Roger worked as Chief Engineer of Acoustic Systems as well as functional manager for North American and Asian engineering product development teams in the Automotive Division of Harman International Industries Inc; a journey that began in 1986.

Roger received his degree in Acoustical Engineering from Purdue University in 1983, and finished post-graduate work in the field of finite element analysis. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, Acoustical Society of America, and Society of Automotive Engineering. He has published numerous research papers and articles in the areas of transducers, automotive audio, psychoacoustics, and computer modeling. Roger also holds US and International Patents related to the design of advanced acoustic systems and applications particularly in the field of automotive audio. Roger is Co-Chair of the AES Automotive Audio Technical Committee

Steve Hutt

Equity Sound Investments - Bloomington, IN USA

Steve is an audio industry veteran expert in transducers, audio systems and R&D management. After joining Harman in 1996 he managed Harman’s multi-national automotive global Advanced Technology group and defined the strategy plan for Harman’s innovative multiphysics simulation roadmap for virtual acoustics. Since 2006 Steve has become a go-to resource for complex transducer and R&D strategy management solutions, consulting for companies such as Celestion, Eighteen Sound, THX, Dolby, & more. Steve holds 16 patents, has published numerous technical papers, is a life member of the Audio Engineering Society and chairs the AES Technical Council, Standards Committee for Loudspeakers & the Technical Committee for Loudspeakers & Headphones.

Samira Mohamady

PhD. Acoustic Expert & Developer, IAV GmbH, Munich Area, Germany

Dr. Samira Mohamady is an acoustics expert with more than 10 years of profound industrial and academic experiences in the field of acoustic and vibro-acoustics simulation and analysis, Active Noise Control (ANC), audio signal processing and validation. She has significantly been involved in various projects and pre-development projects at the Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr (IAV) in Munich, Germany and is a Scrum Master of projects with an interdisciplinary team structure. She has received her doctoral degree from Institute for Technical Acoustics (ITA) at the RWTH Aachen University, in this time she has investigated the influence of uncertainties on Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) and sound design in closed environments with consideration of deviation of psychoacoustic parameters, which can be or rather been used as a guideline for the purpose of TPA. She has also been an active member and organizer of Young Acousticians Network (YAN) of European Acoustics Association (E.A.A.) and has organized YAN event at the DAGA 2016 in Aachen, Germany. 

Striving for perfect sound, JJR Acoustics is an industry-recognized partner whenever innovative, top quality technology is required. The company offers Consulting and Engineering Services in audio design, CAE modeling of virtual concepts and product development, as well as physical concept and product development, tuning, evaluation, and benchmarking for Automotive, Consumer, and Personal Audio. 

JJR operates with highly qualified employees and partners in seven different countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Far East and counts some of the most important car manufacturers and manufacturers in the entertainment industry among its customers.

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