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Product Development Symposium

AI and Machine Learning


Friday 16  – 3:00pm – 5:00pm EDT

One 50 Minute Session followed by Q&A

Session 1 – 3:00pm 

Title: Commercializing AI-driven Audio Products

Presenter: Jay LeBoeuf, Head of Business Development, Descript Lecturer, Stanford University | Carnegie Mellon | Univ of Michigan USA 

Session 2 – 4:00pm 

Title: Delivering Scalable AI-based Processing for

Sripal Mehta, Sr. Director, Head of Media APIs,, San Francisco, CA USA 


Session 1 – Commercializing AI-driven Audio Products 

What are the most significant challenges for integrating artificial intelligence into your products? How do we overcome these challenges? In this session, Jay LeBoeuf shares numerous case studies, key insights and interviews from top engineers and executives. The audience will learn that the non-technical issues are often the most significant issues. The talk will focus on the business, product, and user experience issues in integrating AI that were overcome by companies Descript, LANDR,, Avid, iZotope, and more. 

Session 2 – Delivering Scalable AI-based Processing for 

Today, AI and machine learning are increasingly becoming foundational components of a great product.  In the audio world, this is especially true as products and services leverage capabilities such as voice analysis, noise reduction, and sound recognition to deliver simple yet impactful customer experiences. At Dolby, we’ve been working to democratize access to high quality audio processing and analysis via our new platform,

In this talk, we’ll discuss the challenges of creating a scalable audio processing and analysis platform that takes the best of what signal processing and machine learning have to offer.  We’ll also talk about product and business considerations in leveraging these different techniques and launching AI and machine learning at scale.

Jay LeBoeuf

Head of Business Development, Descript Lecturer, Stanford University | Carnegie Mellon | Univ of Michigan USA

Jay LeBoeuf lead’s Business Development at Descript – a company creating tools for new media creators. He’s best known for his work on Academy Award winning Avid Pro Tools, as a founder and pioneer of artificial intelligence in music creation and production with Imagine Research, an executive at Emmy-winning iZotope, and founder and CEO of industry-education nonprofit Real Industry. Jay is a lecturer on media technology and business at Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Michigan. 

Sripal Mehta

Sr. Director, Head of Media APIs,, San Francisco, CA USA

Sripal Mehta is Sr. Director, Media API Platform at Dolby Labs. Over the last 20 years at Dolby he has contributed to each wave of entertainment innovation from surround sound, to digital cinema, to immersive audio. Most recently he launched, the API platform for media and communications. Sripal holds 11 patents, has led development of industry technical standards, and was awarded the Samuel L. Warner medal from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers for his work in digital cinema. His current mission is to democratize access to high quality audio processing and analysis for any developer across any industry through APIs. Sripal holds BS and MS degrees in electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., DSP Concepts is the leading provider of audio development tools and IP for creators of audio and voice-enabled products. Its Audio Weaver platform allows developers to easily test and deploy new features through a graphical drag-and-drop interface, and is currently powering over 40M of the world’s best devices for top brands in automotive and consumer products, including Tesla, GoPro, Braun, and Porsche.

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