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AES 2022 International Automotive Audio Conference

June 8-10


The prestigious International Automotive Audio Conference promoted by the Audio Engineering Society returns in full force to Detroit, Michigan, June 8-10, 2022. The AES Audio Product Education Institute is planning a dedicated three-day conference track and special events, reinforcing the general AES conference program. Taking place at the Dearborn Ford Conference and Event Center, this will be a unique opportunity for the automotive product development and engineering community.
Over the last 20 years, Automotive Audio has changed dramatically from being standard mono sound in one full range loudspeaker to a true multichannel playback system, fully integrated and adjusted to the specific car. Today some of the most advanced sound technologies are being developed and applied in Automotive Audio. The AES conference program will address all complementary scientific fields such as power electronics, bus systems, loudspeaker drive units, signal processing (DSP), acoustics & vibrations (NVH) and more.
Recently, the role of audio in the automotive industry has significantly changed. Sound systems are being used to design the unique identities of brands, inside and out. The sound of cars today expand from the generation of sound to translate the motion (also called engine noise) in electric vehicles to the creation of comfortable interior environments for the driver and passengers with fully controlled acoustics and the possibility of personal sound zones. The impact of ride-sharing and new ownership models and the possibilities of more sophisticated levels of driver assistance, evolving towards autonomous vehicles, are all having a profound effect on the way we think about sound in and around vehicles and use cases. 
The AES 2022 International Automotive Audio Conference and parallel APEI Automotive Audio track will offer a complete overview of state-of-the-art system designs and engineering approach for current and future vehicles. Topics addressed in presentations and workshops will cover all areas of Automotive Audio applications.
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AES 2022 International Automotive Audio Conference
In Person: June 8-10
Ford Conference and Event Center
Dearborn, MI